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Fanfiction Recommendations

*~* Fanfiction Archive and Recommendations *~*
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A community dedicated to archiving GOOD fanfiction, recommendations for all fandoms, and hosting an updated list of fandom communities.

Please feel free to join and post your favorite fanfiction; or ask our members for their favorites. Also, visite our affiliates (found at the bottom of this page). We have a growing number of fandoms and communities which may be exactly what you're looking for.

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Show_us_Yers was originally created as an archive for wee_little_me to store her favorite fanfiction. Other people are welcome to post their favorites as well. Please take a moment to review these rules before posting.

Rules for Recommending
~ Do not post your own work. Do not ask a friend to post your work for you. This community is not for you to show off or get feedback, but rather for unbiased people to share fanfiction that they have enjoyed.
~ Please use many Tags, that way others can find your recommendation. If you feel there should be another tag made to suit your post please let me know(wee_little_me). List of Tags.
~ Absolutely NO advertizing.
~ Please refrain from being negative. Constructive criticism is expected, but any "that was stupid, your stupid, you have no taste" comments and you're out.
~ Review. If you are posting a fanfic you must give a review. If you've read a fanfic which you found here than please review it. Some might like a fic, some might not. Honest perspectives are not only welcome, but encouraged.
~ Do a search (through tags) before posting. The fic you want to post might already be up. In this case feel free to reply to that post with your own review (do not make a new entry for the same fanfic).
~ If you decide to post an authors work, and not just a link, please ask for permission from the author. They're likely to not only give permission, but also feel honored to be on a recommendation list.

Rules for Requesting
~ Please be as specific as possible (characters, genres, length, ect). You'll likely not get an exact recomendation from our community members (as we've been around since October 9th 2006, so we are still small) but we'll do our best.
~ Before posting, search through our Tags and affiliated communities. We might already have what you're looking for, or there may already be an entire community devoted to your search. You are, of course, welcome to make requests for more fanfiction if that is your desire.
~ Please refrain from being negative. Constructive criticism is expected, but any "that was stupid, your stupid, you have no taste" comments and you're out.
~ Please review. If you found a fic on here and have read it than please come back and tell us what you thought of it (do not make a new thread, simply reply to the original).

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All recommendations must be made in the following format:
Word Count:

[lj-cut and/or link to fic]

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All Requests must have the word 'REQUEST' in the title, and as much of the following information as you can provide:

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Affiliate Communities
contrelamontre Speed writing fanfiction community. No specific fandom.
seldom_end A fanfiction community for rare/obscure/less popular young adult fantasy and science fiction literature series/books.
epicslash for people who like movies about gladiators. And Trojans. And Macedonians. And other men with swords and shiny breastplates.

If you'd like to be on the list let me know. The aim of this section is to provide a directory to active communities.

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Interesting Finds
Harry/Draco Mood Theme
Buy a Wand (not a LJ link)
lillithium An artist who does the most amazing slash/yaoi artwork
Make your characters weep
S.S. loves L.E"A discussion of all the evidence within and outside the Harry Potter books that supports the theory that Severus Snape loved Lily Evans.

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Buttons to come.

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We do not mean to plagerise or steal anyones work, this is a community dedicated to good fanfiction and is ment to be respectful to the authors. However, if you are the author of some fanfiction that has been posted and wish to have it removed please let me (wee_little_me) know, so that your request can be carried through.