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August 11th, 2007

Harry Potter Fandom @ 05:31 pm

Current Music: harry potter, snape, snarry, slash, romance, NC-17,

Title: Convenience
Author: Moth Malaise
Rating: NC-17
Parings: Harry/Snape
Genres: romance
Warnings: HBP compliant, but not DH. Anal,COMPLETE,M/M,SoloM
Word Count: 5 chapters, decent lengths, dont have a word processor on this computer to count the words.
Status: Complete. 5 chapters.
Summary: When Snape's mother dies, an unexpected clause in her will requires him to get married or forget about inheriting Prince Manor. He despairs - until a highly convenient possibility arises.
Review: For a story only 5 chapters long, its remarkably in-debth and really gets the reader into the mindset of Harry. The pacing is very well done, its easy to see how the author could have dwelled on certain topics; but s/he did a very good job in hitting all the points that needed to be hit, and not overstating anything. Generally a very sweet story and if you have a few hours I strongly suggest sitting down and reading all 5 chapters in one go. (simply because the chapters end in such terribly tormenting cliffhangers that opne CANT read just one chapter at a time).

Link to first chapter


December 15th, 2006

Harry Potter Fandom @ 02:44 pm


Title: iDobby
Author: nishizono
Genres: crack, smut,
Warnings: its a CRACK FIC!!!
Word Count: In the neighborhood of 700. Maybe 1000. Im not going to count them.
Status: complete
Summary: Complete crack!fic that features Dobby the Makeshift iPod, music by Panic! At The Disco, and of course hot sex with everyone's favorite potions professor. Dedicated to, and completely the fault of </a></b></a>xobasket_casexo.
Review: Its quick, its sweet, it gets the point across. Granted, its completely out of character with no characteriyation whatsoever, but its a crack fic and thats not really the point of it. I enjoyed it. Something nice to read when your brain needs a break from whatever garbage life is forcing you to endure.



December 5th, 2006

(no subject) @ 04:53 am


Title: Trailing Whisps of Ambiguity
Author: rakina
Rating: NC-17
Parings: Harry/Snape
Genres: general
Warnings: Under 18 - Harry is still at school. Snape is a vampire, isn’t he? Includes Voyeurism and excessive sherry consumption; and various sexual acts to be a Voyeur at, if you follow me.
Word Count: 1/2=5597 2/2=6535
Status: Complete. 2 chapters.
Summary: This is the sequel to In Case Snape Decided to Eat Him. Sybill Trelawney is, as everyone knows, an old fraud. She certainly isn't heroic, she is a sensitive soul who shouldn't have to deal with such nasty truths.
Review: I havent read In Case Snape Decides to Eat Him, but the story makes perfect sense without it. Its well writen snarry from TRELAWNEY'S!!! perspective.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

first chapterCollapse )

December 1st, 2006

Harry Potter Fandom @ 02:41 am

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Title: The Cinderman's Kiss
Author: Spirit, ie coeur_de_ma_vie
Parings: Harry/Snape
Genres: general
Warnings: HBP Spoilers. Though if you haven't read HBP yet, shame on you!
Word Count: Chapter 1: 3691. All chapters are about this long.
Status: incomplete
Summary: For as long as he lived Harry was never going to forget the sight of those black eyes in pain.
The light hit Snape from the side and then it seemed to cover him as he turned in it to face the boy he had protected so many times before. And it looked like he was melting...

Review: This is more of an intellectual piece. The author mentions a lot of medical procedures and goes into some rather gory details of the medical/biological nature. It is all very tastefully and artfully written, and generally makes for a very pleasant read.

Chapter 1
All Chapters


November 27th, 2006

(no subject) @ 02:54 am


Title: But Not Forgotten
Author: Hijja at the PSA
Rating: NC-17
Genres: non-con
Warnings: Non-consensual, ambiguous consent
Word Count: 2671
Status: complete
Summary: Harry finally masters Legilimency, and ends up wishing he hadn't.
Review: Oh this is twisted. Deffinatly something for you canon!snape fans, who are convinced he's a mean, twisted, resentful, manipulative... oh its good.\



November 26th, 2006

(no subject) @ 12:48 am


Title: Draco the Wonder Ferret
Author: ravenna_c_tan
Parings: Draco/Harry
Genres: smut
Warnings: Ferret!Draco
Word Count: 2600
Status: complete
Summary: How Draco Malfoy weaseled his way into Harry Potter's house.
Review: This a cross between a crack fic, a fluff fic, and a smut fic. But really, its all smut. Very modest smut, but smut all the same.

Link in 100quills


November 19th, 2006

(no subject) @ 09:24 pm


Title: Spoils of War
Author: Rushlight and/or Dianann
Rating: NC-17
Parings: Harry/Snape. refrence to Harry/McNair, Harry/Lucius, Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Pettigrew, and Harry/Avry/Nott,
Genres: Dark, smut,
Warnings: unconsentual sex, a little bondage,
Word Count: 1296
Status: complete
Summary: A completely unredeemable, nonconsensual PWP. Slaveboy!Harry ponders his fate.
Review: This brought me to tears. It takes place in a "what if we lost the war" situation, thus a very heavy fic emotionally. Its short, but very well written, beautiful ending, and painful.

Link to fic


November 17th, 2006

(no subject) @ 01:38 am


Title: Catharsis
Author: slartibartfst42 or Snapesofwrath
Rating: R?
Genres: Drama,
Warnings: implied slash, character death
Word Count: 1901
Status: Complete
Summary: A Snape-centric one-shot.
Review: Oh it was beautiful. Very canon-esque in my opinion. Here is the customary exploration of Snape and his position in the war. It stays with the book, it shows what could - and probably would - be. It's wonderful.
...I might sport this opinion because I happen to agree 100% with the fic. Thats my own personal opinion, of course.



November 15th, 2006

Harry Potter Fandom @ 01:36 am


Title: A Mouthful of Fresh Water
Author: Waterbird
Rating: PG-13
Parings: Harry/Draco
Genres: Drama, Angst,
Warnings: Its sad (yes, thats a warning)
Word Count: 1879
Status: complete
Summary: When Harry and Draco return from an arduous mission for the Order, Molly Weasley is forced to face some of her own demons as she wonders how much she can do to protect her family. Molly's PoV. Implied slash.
Review: Very well done. Heartbreaking. Waterbird doesn't dwell on topics, and makes appropriate mention of others. Its a very smooth read.


November 13th, 2006

(no subject) @ 05:00 am


Title: A Million Light Years from Home
Author: victoria p
Rating: PG
Parings: None
Genres: general,
Warnings: "Jo's and Joss's" <-authors warning. I dont know what this means.
Word Count: 5,905
Status: complete
Fandom: Harry Potter / Firefly crossover <-I felt this category needed to be added.
Summary: "You're a long, long way from home, but you're a good dog."
Review: I'm amazed that the author could pull this cross-over off so well. Victoria P provides an appropriate level of character development and explains a very believable storyline for hard-core Harry Potter fans. This is a "what happened to Sirius after he passed through the veil" fic. Its almost a hopeful story that doesn't linger on negatives or what-ifs. A pleasant read all-around.

Where I found the fic

Note the translations at the bottom of the fic.


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